1. Our prices are fixed for 30 days from the date of quotation except those not directly within Bravequest’s control i.e. packaging, postage, carriage, bank charges, credit and debit card merchant costs, tele-communication costs.
Such areas are subject to change without notice during the project duration.
Any variations in the quantity or specification of packaging supplied will be charged. All such goods are supplied within a maximum variance of 10% under or over of the quoted lot quantity.

2. A higher handling cost will apply up to the point where the promotion exceeds the stated level. Beyond this level the price at forecast level will apply, and a credit for applications to date will be raised. The lower price only applies to the promotion volume and timing as stated within the quotation. Costs other than those quoted may be incurred for incidental work without notification in writing. Bravequest may charge a cancellation fee of up to 25% of the forecasted project value if the job for whatever reason is cancelled. Confirmed work status is booked work that has been advised by letter, fax, email or purchase order.

3. Credit and debit card details given within the quotation are subject to statutory changes which may come into use during the project. Applications or orders requesting delivery of goods to an address other that that of the cardholder can only be accepted by post which should include the cardholders signature as approval. Consumers have 7 years to query credit and debit card transactions. Bravequest’s client are responsible for fraudulent/misuse of all cards relevant to the project undertaken by Bravequest.

4. All prices exclude VAT.

5. Postage rates quoted are given on the basis of the best information available.

6. All postage/carriage monies should be pre-paid.

7. All payments due 30 days from the date of invoice, Interest may be charged under ‘The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998’.

8. Bravequest has a insurance cover for all goods covering all normal risks (ex terrorism) to RHA levels. All work is carried out on a best endeavour basis to normal industry standards.

9. Bravequest do not accept consequential loss caused by either work undertaken by Bravequest or when caused by any supplier of Bravequest or other third party. . BraveQuest may sub-contract work and undertakes to ensure that in such instances work is carried within the job specification and to the standards used for in-house activity.

10. Bravequest limits the value of any claim made against the company relating to work undertaken by them, any supplier or third party to a maximum value of the relevant charges invoiced by/payable to Bravequest.

11. Fraudulent use/misuse of telephone facilities from whatever source and resultant costs are the responsibility of Bravequest’s client. This is particularly relevant where callers have access to outward lines routed beyond Bravequest.

12. Application forms will be kept for 3 months and proof of purchase destroyed after validation unless specifically agreed in writing.

13. Bravequest produces reports only where the application volumes exceed 50 per week. All processing is carried out on a batched basis with a minimum economic level of 50. Application volumes less than this are held until 50 are reached or until 21 days has elapsed from the date of consumer application.

14. All deliveries to be booked in at least 48 hours in advance, all carriers will be given a booking reference which will need to be quoted on arrival. The Bravequest warehouse operates between 9.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays).

15. All palletised deliveries to be on standard pallets (1000mm x 1200mm) and with a maximum pallet height of 5ft including the pallet. The only exception will be for loose printed paper product which should be on standard printers pallets. Deliveries that are not booked in may be refused or delayed in unloading. Clients may be charged additional handling costs for product not delivered on standard pallets or if in a condition that requires re-palletising and/or re-boxing.

16. Unless agreed in writing all deliveries are signed for as unchecked following a pallet and carton count. Additional checking of goods following receipt is chargeable.

17. Bravequest offer their telephone response facilities on a best endeavour basis only, and are not responsible for call/system failure, including consequential loss, by their network supplier or energy provider. BT/Virgin Media or other network providers terms apply to the supply of their services. Copies are available on request. Bravequest carries out a daily back up of all data which is taken off site. In addition back up internet servers and telephone lines available for use in the event of equipment or provider failure.

18. All jobs remain live up to the point that no applications or other response are received or where other action is carried out. This includes the processing of monies through bank accounts and stock held.

19. Multiple item orders where the consumer has paid for goods will require part despatch in the event that not all items are available at the due despatch time. This will incur additional costs.

20. Delivery/despatch is undertaken on the basis of the relevant Royal Mail/carrier conditions. Copies are available on request. Goods returned to Bravequest due to non-delivery may be subject to a charge at the same rate as the relevant outward despatch plus an appropriate handling charge.

21. All prices apply to the UK only unless otherwise stated.

22. These terms override all previous versions and override any other connected with the work undertaken unless specifically advised in writing by an authorised signatory of Bravequest.