So how has scroll free September going?

So how has scroll free September going?

With several charities involved and lots of articles promoting the idea we have to ask.

How successful is Scroll Free September?

For those of you where it has passed you by The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has urged people to give up social media for the month of September. They are after all users of Facebook, Instagram Twitter and Snapchat and any other SM providers of course (that is social media not sadomasochism – so at least a few of you can just carry on as usual).

RSPH carried out some research before the launch and from the initial responses they estimate around 300,000 people will have decided to log off social media for some or all of the month. The initiative is being run by RSPH and is being backed by the NHS and others and it has five levels of commitment varying from just reducing the time spent using social media through to 100% giving up the vice for the entire month.

Apparently half of social media users aged 18-34 think going “cold turkey” for a month would have a positive effect on their sleep and real-world relationships, research by RSPH found. The info talks about how logging off could improve sleep, relationships and general wellbeing (not sure about that last one as it sounds a bit dodgy and far too much Pollyanna).

Getting too wrapped up with our mobiles is clearly a growing issue and one that impacts us all whether it is just an incoming mobile interrupted face to face conversation or an ongoing reluctance to put that mobile down to complete the latest e-commerce fulfilment transaction.
NHS England said it was right to highlight social media’s role in a rise in young people’s mental health issues and it all makes me think of the time when the popular vices were limited to a smoke and a under-age bottle or two of Strongbow from the local offy with a few chums.
We will wait to see what the SFS participant numbers have been.

Marketing and fulfilment services

2 “Hail Mary’s” and an “Our Father”

It has a funny sound to it but even the Vatican are warning nuns about the evil that lurks in the
world of social media. Specifically saying that nuns should not overindulge in social media to avoid sullying their contemplative world with “noise, news and words”.

Wise words when you think about the constant barrage of ideas and views that we are all increasing subjected to – it’s all enough to drive you mad.

Back down to more mundane fulfilment services issues and I ask what is going on at Amazon – 600 UK ambulance calls in 3 years from 14 warehouses . It’s a freaking war zone but of course those paper cuts can go manky.

We welcome your thoughts on this and other areas in the marketing world.

Social media apps

It’s still the delivery of service that counts, despite all that social media stuff

This week has seen more news stories about ever more sophisticated software being developed to police social media. Whether it’s looking for false identities created for small scale misuse or as part of a mass manipulation campaign, it’s become an on-going war between the perps and the school prefects. With the level of tech involved it is well past the point where I start to lose interest, but nevertheless this is an area where we should all have at least a basic understanding of the principles. Have a look at this article about sniffing out fake profiles lurking on social networks as a starting point.

Dealing with people and delivering the goods

It’s only when you start to look at this area that you realize how much information there is on most people who like to use social media. It makes me appreciate the level of potential threat both on a personal level as well as when part of a group.

Luckily in the e-commerce fulfilment area, life is much simpler and even with all the newer developments in technology it’s still all about dealing with people and delivering the goods.

We welcome your thoughts on this and other areas in the marketing world.

It’s a changing world in e-commerce fulfilment

As e-commerce and fulfilment services grow increasingly automated, it may a real change for me to go back to taking telephone orders for a Charity we work with especially over the run up to Christmas.

Data processing and order fulfilment is an absolute breeze these days. Fast and efficient, being able to track an order in seconds etc you forget sometimes about the consumers being real people who are waiting for the product you are sending.

Telephone services for a Charity

It made a brilliant change to handle telephone services for a Charity we work with. Especially during the run up to Christmas. Customers were an absolute joy to talk to; they were happy to place an order and couldn’t wait to receive their goods.

So, its great to be reminded that although we may not have face to face interaction with our customers or consumers that if we provide a brilliant service, it will certainly bring a smile to someone when they receive their product.

Our business is serious about your business

Our business is serious about your business , we want to provide the best service that we can for all our customers, we provide a service that is personal and we are always open to new ideas and exploring ways to make your promotions run successfully

To get our website noticed on the great world web is always difficult as we are practical rather than creative which we need to be as we put your ideas in boxes and envelopes and send them out.,

We went to the professionals and we were advised to make our more interesting, put yourself on Twitter Facebook write a blog, go look at your competitors websites see what they are doing, so we did and guess what they have been given the same advice. All of the websites have case histories, tell you how wonderful they are at addressing your mail but basically they are jumping up and down shouting Pick Me Pick Me!

We have been in the fulfilment business a long time, we can pick and pack, provide reports and run databases with the best of them, but it isn’t very interesting doesn’t grab your attention.

So, we have decided to write our blog about anything and everything that takes our fancy and if it includes something interesting about the cost of postage we will include that as well. We will soon know if you have read it.