So how has scroll free September gone?

With several charities involved and lots of articles promoting the idea we have to ask.

How successful is Scroll Free September?

For those of you where it has passed you by The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has urged people to give up social media for the month of September. They are after all users of Facebook, Instagram Twitter and Snapchat and any other SM providers of course (that is social media not sadomasochism – so at least a few of you can just carry on as usual).

RSPH carried out some research before the launch and from the initial responses they estimate around 300,000 people will have decided to log off social media for some or all of the month. The initiative is being run by RSPH and is being backed by the NHS and others and it has five levels of commitment varying from just reducing the time spent using social media through to 100% giving up the vice for the entire month.

Apparently half of social media users aged 18-34 think going “cold turkey” for a month would have a positive effect on their sleep and real-world relationships, research by RSPH found. The info talks about how logging off could improve sleep, relationships and general wellbeing (not sure about that last one as it sounds a bit dodgy and far too much Pollyanna).

Getting too wrapped up with our mobiles is clearly a growing issue and one that impacts us all whether it is just an incoming mobile interrupted face to face conversation or an ongoing reluctance to put that mobile down to complete the latest e-commerce fulfilment transaction.
NHS England said it was right to highlight social media’s role in a rise in young people’s mental health issues and it all makes me think of the time when the popular vices were limited to a smoke and a under-age bottle or two of Strongbow from the local offy with a few chums.
We will wait to see what the SFS participant numbers have been.