Smart Response & Data Handling

Our services:

  • Promotional response
  • Integrated web, telephone and post
  • Competitions and free prize draws
  • Data capture and database
  • Data cleaning & analysis
  • Brochure and information packs
  • Payments processing
  • Unit pricing or fixed fee
  • Data capture capacity is 250,000 records a month
  • web, telephone and post
  • promotional handling
  • data and database maintenance
  • competitions
  • FMI & SLP handling
  • free prize draws

When it comes to promotional handling, Bravequest knows what works and what doesn’t in data handling. This is because our experience is broad and deep. We’ve worked extensively in FMCG, durable goods, financial services, e-commerce and media markets for over 20 years with conspicuous success. We have expertise in a comprehensive range of services, from database maintenance and competitions to FMI & SLP handling and free prize draws. Plus we supply our brainpower.

We’re smart, so combine the account management and line supervisor roles. This means your promotional handling is streamlined. Our no-nonsense approach eliminates a cumbersome communication chain and creates a faster response. It means that what you want to happen happens more quickly and without hassle.

We think in advance about your job to anticipate and strip out any hold-ups before they occur. For instance we already know the pitfalls that can happen with competitions and free prize draws. It means that issues usually don’t emerge once your job is underway. In fact, as a rule, they just don’t emerge at all because we’ve seen problems coming and acted to make them go away.

We write application programs in-house

In respect of databases and database maintenance, we also write application programs in-house. Your job isn’t just shoehorned into proprietary software. It means that there are no compromises on processing accuracy, audit trails or reporting. And we integrate the handling across all channels to give you more accurate and efficient processing. We put the data you need at your fingertips, without delay.

Finally we make a point of using technology sensibly. We don’t believe in fads. At the same time we look long and hard to exploit all the tangible benefits that technology can offer. For us it’s never about using technology to create billing opportunities. Our objective is always to find value that our clients can benefit from, so you keep coming back.

Please read more of our site to find out how we work and about the marketing fulfilment services we provide, including response handling, data and database, e-commerce order fulfilment, mailing services, contract packing and customer services support. Or call us now for quick, common-sense answers to your handling questions on 020 8580 8892.