Smart Packing & Fulfilment

Our services:

  • Contract and ad hoc
  • Hand and machine enclosing
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Poly-wrapping
  • UK, Europe and ROW mailing
  • Packaging supplies
  • Unit pricing or fixed fee
  • Volume 350,000 per month
  • promotional packing
  • on-going pick and pack
  • hand packing
  • machine enclosing

When it comes to fulfilment services, Bravequest has handled jobs of all sizes for a roll-call of household names, both contract and ad hoc. We know UK, European and Rest of World fulfilment like the back our hands. We bring 20 years of experience to each and every job so you can rest assured that your promotional packing will go smoothly.

We know what we’re doing, so will always give our clients pre-production planning advice whenever there’s an opportunity to minimise their handling costs. We take the view that if you’re happy, you’ll use us again so we do our best every time. Our expertise when it comes to hand packing and machine enclosing has saved clients large sums and hours of their management time over the years.

We supply expert packaging advice

Bravequest can also supply expert packaging advice. This can make a real difference on those occasions where a small tweak can lead to huge discounts on packaging and dispatch costs.

We’ll also work with you to help you meet campaign objectives and brand requirements. Because we’ve done so much varied promotional packing over the years, we’re very good at getting bespoke packaging designed and will always identify the most efficient options, including the greenest.

We use state of the art protocols, bespoke software, and common sense (a quality less common than the name suggests). We deliver what you want on every level – price, efficiency – even CSR. We understand for instance that transparent CSR calls for a real awareness of all the inputs: labour practices, materials sourcing and so on. So whatever your CSR commitments or requirements, we’ll always ensure that on our side of things they’re being met.

For example, when people started asking for environmentally responsible handlers, we realised we’d been recycling since 1992. These days we adhere to the requirements of PAS 2020 – the environmental performance specification for direct marketing. We work hard every day to be the best handlers you’ve ever worked with.

Please read more of our site to find out how we work and about the marketing fulfilment services we provide, including response handling, data and database, e-commerce order fulfilment, mailing services, contract packing and customer services support. Or call us now for quick, common-sense answers to your handling questions on 020 8580 8892.