Improving the effectivness of your ecommerce – some ideas to consider – part I

Ecommerce is moving fast and as your business grows and doing well with growing revenue and a decent profit it is just too easy to lose track of your objectives.

Time is short for all of us and just keeping up with the organic growth that you are generating can soak up a lot of your resource as you concentrate on the immediate things that need to get done.
It is a situation that many of us know very well and it is very easy to get stuck in the loop of doing the immediate things, after that is what we are here for so it is a reasonable view to take.

Working like that keeps our focus and thoughts in the short term and tends to mean that the longer term considerations get put on the back burner which in a fast changing environment such as ecommerce can leave your business with more risk as opportunities are missed. That is a process which in the longer term can mean that the business not only loses out on new revenue but can also allow the competition to make faster progress and remember that in any business if you are not moving forward then you are going backwards.

Making time for the longer term things in our experience does require a concerted effort as it needs a different way of thinking from the day to day. Quality thinking itself takes time and getting your head in the right ‘frame of mind’ is not always east to achieve. Sometimes the ideas are easy and sometimes making progress can be painful and wherever you are in that process the important thing is to be keep your long term goals in mind and as part of your planning process. After some considerable time we have found ourselves getting much better at switching between the short and the long term questions which has been an important factor for us in progressing our business.

We have been involved with a number of early stage business for some years and have first-hand experience of the ups and downs that running a business has and have been able to contribute to them with experience and even funding.

So getting back to the world of ecommerce – what are the specific things that we suggest that you should consider to increase your ecommerce revenue and make more money?

Get mobile

Mobiles are now used for more than half of the traffic on the internet so your site needs to work well for mobiles. The setting that mobiles are often used in means that there are some factors which are particularly relevant. These are the usual things that we all want every time we
use the internet.

  • fast load times
  • minimum navigation
  • quick checkout

They have a bigger impact when compared with your desk top as using a mobile requires a slicker presentation and execution – the simpler it is the better.

Make it personal

How much you need to do this will depend on your market but you should consider the value to your business of recommendations.
It is down to personal choice but we are not very impressed by some of the off the shelf reviews offerings which show an extremely high number of 100% recommendations – where common sense suggests that you have to question their real worth.

From our experience the value of genuine and relevant views and testimonials whether publicised through your web presence or when provided via on request personalised email is worth a lot more than more a general approach which can give you volume with less quality.

Social media can also add to the mix will people commenting on your products and service levels but it does take an amount of resource to maintain and manage so think what will it bring to the business and be prepared to make a commitment to do a good job – poorly maintained social media can have completely the opposite effect of what you as an expanding business what to achieve.

Without becoming too intrusive we suggest that letting your prospects know your recommendations is all that is needed to turn a prospect into your latest customer.
Your customers are a great source of information as you can look at their purchase history and look for the common denominators and differences both of which can be help you match your latest campaign to their known areas of interest and your stock choices in line with what relates to them.
Sometimes just letting a customer know what you have available is enough to make them into one of your latest to purchase customers.