How do you decide on the best e-commerce web dispatch option?

How do you decide on the right e-commerce fulfilment web dispatch that is the best model for you? Picking the most suitable option for your e-commerce business is crucial as you cannot afford to get this wrong.  If you lose customers as a result of a poor fulfilment experience they will quickly turn to your competitors. One study shows 38% of customers say they will never shop again with a retailer following a negative delivery experience so getting the choice right really is important, after all you have put a lot into the development of your site in terms of money, time and effort so spending extra time at this stage is a wise investment.  

Choosing the right fulfilment option for your business depends a number of factors including the size and type of your business, if you are at an early stage of growing your business and have the space needed then in-house for fulfilment may work for you, we reckon that to make the economics work when using an external web dispatch you probably you need something in excess of 20 orders a month to avoid the minimum fulfilment charges that apply from many third-party fulfilment suppliers. 

Web dispatch process

If you’re undertaking that side of the business yourself you need to be lookout for other hidden costs connected with the sale with some companies adding a charge based on the of product selling price regardless on the fulfilment process used.  As your business grows having the fulfilment in-house can quickly become a burden as you struggle to manage all the areas that need to be completed and not just completed but also completed accurately and on time. This includes all the areas connected with web dispatch such the managing your supply chain and the space you need to store your stock. It is easy to make the rookie error of underestimating the amount of time needed to run the web dispatch process and this is the biggest single reason that we hear from customers who move their fulfilment to us having started their e-commerce business from home. 

If you’ve chosen to go to a specialist fulfilment company then you need to find the company that is he best fit for your business not just now but also where you see your business being in the future. If possible choose the e-commerce fulfilment partner who has some similar industry experience to your business area as in-depth understanding can be as important as the basics if capacity and pricing. The depth of knowledge that the key contacts have is an important benefit and can quickly show a return to you in establishing a high quality web dispatch service which will quickly show through to you in monetary terms. 

Integrations with your e-commerce software

Check to see how the technology integrates with your own e-commerce software which is an area which is becoming less of an issue for many e-commerce companies as order and data formats increasingly work across different platforms. In our experience most e-commerce software is pretty easy to use and integrating is not usually a major exercise. 

Besides the basic initial order fulfilment you should consider how their return systems work and how the information regarding those returns will be given to you as this is a key area in building customer satisfaction levels for your business. 

Keep being flexible

Depending on the product range you should consider their location as this can be crucial to achieving your overall success as this will help to make stock storage and dispatch delivery times efficient which in turn will show in tangible benefits for you. The type of goods that you’re selling will have a big impact on things like how much storage you will require will cost so it’s worth considering this area for your business. 

However you set up in today’s world you’ve got remember that speed with accuracy is the key. 

If your customer feels that you can’t deliver they will quickly look elsewhere so working hard to keep and develop customers in the best way to add profit rather than having to rely on acquiring new customers  on a continual basis.

Every business is continually developing so keep flexible and be willing to test and take advantage of new opportunities.

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